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Title: Donald Livingstone of Morvern and the Achnacree Benderloch Livingstones
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 07 December 2008

Both Alexander Carmichael author of a Donald Livingstone of Savary Morvern article in a Celtic Review article of 1909 and a late 19th century biography of Duncan Livingstone of Ohio agree with the point that Savary Livingstone's ancestors originated at Achnacree, Benderloch in Argyll before they settled Movern. The biography of Duncan Livingstone further stated that these Achnacree, Benderloch Livingstones or Maconleas as they were earlier known settled at Savary Morvern in the year 1600. THe source of biography information was Duncan himself who in turn learned much of his information on Donald Livingstone and the Savary Livingstones from kin of Donalds brother Hugh in particular two nieces Sarah Burke Livingstone and Mary Livingstone Boyd that settled in Ohio. 

Curiously both Livingstone and Carmichael mention a Robert Livingston who Duncan Livingstone refers to being a son of Donald Livingstone. Donald Livingstone had a large family, but Duncan Livingstone only mentions a son Robert and daugher Ann I think. 

I think that located them in the 1851 Census where they should be at old Donald's home village of Savary but seem born a bit late to have been his children unless he had fathered children after the age of 60. Robert and Ann are definitely kin it is just a matter of whether they really are his children or his grandchildren. As old Donald was born in 1728 I thought that having a child in 1786 and 1791 was unlikely but I could be wrong. Hopefully someone from the Morvern Historical Society or the Appin Historical Society might have some sort of records, cemetery records of Donald's children and or grandchildren that were buried in Morvern That is those that did not leave for the colonies in the late 1700's and early 1800's.

Robert Livingstone is listed in the 1851 Morvern Census as a resident of Savary and Pauper prenouse farmer age 65 and the other Livingstone residing with him is recorded as his sister Anna Livingstone a pauper servant age 60.

As Morvern according to the late Rob Livingston is pretty much devoid of Savary Livingstons we cant ask descendants there. I have heard however rumors that there still one or two around somewhere. 



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