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Title: The Crest
Posted by: Roderic Livingstone
Date: 22 March 2004

I find it interesting to note the suble differences in our baron's crest with the current current depictions of the "clan badge."  A description of the badge calls for "A demi-savage wreathed about the head and middle with laurel leaves, in dexter a club, in sinister a serpent entwined round the arm, all proper."  Is there any evidence, historic or otherwise for the changes of: a Gaelic motto, Cnoc Aingeil to the French, Si Je Puis; St.Moulag depicted as a shirtless "demi-savage"; his coarb turned into a club; instead of an wreathed arm holding a crosslet fitchee, he holds a serpent?  Is this a case of centuries old machismo, turning a shepard-like saint into a club-wielding, shirtless, snake-catching savage? 

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The Crest22 March 2004Roderic Livingstone
   The Crest23 March 2004Young Bachuil

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