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Title: Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and PEI Livingstones
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 11 December 2008

Two books I would highly reccomend on Atlantic Canada colonization by highland Scots would be 
"A Very FIne Class of Immigrants" by Lucille Campey which focuses upon Prince Edward Islands Scottish pioneers from 1770 to 1850. Also another book by Campey entitled "After the Hector" which deals with Scottish Pioneers of Nova Scotia and Cape Breton from the period of 1773 to 1852. Included in these books are some passenger lists which includes one or two Livingstons. I found it helpfull to get a good grounding in the background history of highland settlement in this maritime region of Canada and Lucille Campey is both an excellent researcher and writer of a number of books on Scottish Canadian settlement.


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