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Title: Maconlea, Maclea McLea, Macaulay, Macleay, Maclay 1841 Census
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 15 December 2008

There is much confusion surrounding these names and and how they connect to highland clan Livingstone. I am still trying to sort them all out. For what it is worth here is what I noticed in the 1841 Census regarding these various family groups with a similiar name. 

Maconlea and Maclea
Maconlea is an old original spelling you will not find in 1841 Census, but was a common spelling of our former Clan name used in the 17th and mid 18th century among by our Baron and the clan in Western Argyll until such time as the Baron of Bachuil changed the Clan name to the name of a once prominent Jacobite lowland clan Livingston who had been exiled and attainted for there participation in the 1715 Rebellion over 40 years earlier. By the 18th century MacLea was becoming more and more common a spelling among our highland branches and among our distant cousins to the east the MacLeas of Linsaig and those of Rothesay,Bute. 

Macaulay and MacLeay of North Western Scotland
These spellings are favoured by families that are located in North western Scotland at Ross and Cromarty County and according to some sources have their origins from Norse names and these people consider themselves to be of Norse origin. Some of these families have a close association with Clan Mackenzie. The 1841 Census indicated that the Macaulay spelling was favoured by families in Ross and Cromarty County living in Uig on the Isle of Skye in the outer Hebrides and Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis where the census indicated there were significant numbers with this spelling. Also Lochs and Lochbroom parish. I think there is some historic connection with the Ross Macaulays and those in Inverness and indeed are some good numbers of them located in North Uist and South Uist. 

While there were a few Macleays spread out in very small numbers in some of the major lowland counties, by the largest number and was not a large number were located again in Ross and Cromarty County. Those families that went by the name and spelling of Macleay could be found in the largest numbers at Lochbroom, Dingwall and Urquart parishes here. Again there was a group of them in Inverness. 

Interestingly there were a group of Macleas to be found in North Western Scotland also in Ross and Cormarty County,Wester Ross at Applecross Parish. Are these a branch of our Argyll Macleas or just a census takers spelling variation of the above mentioned Clan MacLeay of North Western Scotland? Certainly there are some who believe there are Macleas in the north that rooted to our Argyll clan. It should be noted that significant numbers of MacLeas that could be connected to the Lindsaig/Bute MacLeas or an old group of Argyll Macleas that left Argyll before the name change to Livingston show up in the more populated and industrialized areas of Stirlingshire and Lanarkshire. 

The McLea spelling is used in records at Rothesay Parish, Bute and throughout the lowlands.
Remnants of the Lindsaig Macleas or McLeas with the exception of one or two in the border parishes of Argyll are apparently found at Rothesay, Bute and show up a small and apparently population dwindling community in 1841. So where did all go. If they did not go to America, Canada or Australia by this point then they are the families that are listed in the census and located throughout the lowlands in Lanarkshire, West Lothian, Renfrewshire and Aberdeenshire. 



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Maconlea, Maclea McLea, Macaulay, Macleay, Maclay 1841 Census15 December 2008Donald (Livingstone) Clink
   Maconlea, Maclea McLea, Macaulay, Macleay, Maclay 1841 Census18 December 2008Donald (Livingstone) Clink
   Maconlea, Maclea McLea, Macaulay, Macleay, Maclay 1841 Census18 December 2008Donald (Livingstone) Clink

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