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Title: The name Living
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 18 May 2005

I received a copy of an old book today: Jottings for Early History of The Levinge Family by Sir Richard G. A. Levinge, Bart. Part I. (Dublin 1873). It is truly in a note form, and quite concentrated, so it is almost pointless to try to summarise what is already a summary of early English sightings of names. If people have questions, now you know I have a copy.

A few remarks might perhaps not go astray...

The work does seem to have presumed that most or all sightings in England of this name are based upon the Anglo-Saxon Leofwin. However by the time of Domesday it strikes me that the name, at that time quite common, does not look much like Leofwin. Generally the name is spelt with "Leuu-"or "Lew-". Looking at all the spellings of the early middle ages makes me think of Dutch Leeuw (lion) and the city Leuvin (Louvin).

Another interesting point is that the very first man mentioned in this list of sightings is Saint Livinus/Levinas/Lebuin/Livin/Liwin. But this man was an Irish missionary martyred in Belgium in 656 - hardly likely to have been an Anglo Saxon; and also hardly likely not to have had an influence on future naming patterns, as he became a saint. Many of the Livings (with that spelling) in this history are churchmen. This saint was the son of an Irish lord named Theague.

Place names. Rob will like this. I quote:
Personal or patronymic, the name LEOFWINE has, after Danish and Saxon use, been given to places - the dwellings, the heritage, of LEVINGE the occupier: thus - LEVEN, Beverley; LEVEN in Fifeshire (?); LEVENS, Milthorpe; LEVENS, north Lancashire; the "tn" (Danish), i.e., enclosure or yard about LEVINGE'S dwelling, becomes LAVINGTON, Petworth; LAVINGTON-west, Devizes; LEVINGTON, Ipswich; LIVINGSTONE, Mid-calder; and the right of LEVINGE to holde fair and to take toll in his demesne becomes Market LAVINGTON, Wilts; the "hm" (Saxon), i.e. homestead, denotes the very house wherein LEVINGE lived; LAVENHAM, Sudbury; LAVENHAM-heath, the waste land attached to his holding; the "holme" (Saxon and Danish), i.e., the flat pasture of LEVINGE'S tenure; LEVENSHOLME, Manchester; the "thorpe" (Saxon and Danish), i.e., the village wherein LEVINGE dwelt, or of which he was lord; LEVENTHORPE, Yorks (cf. Leo, Social Nomencl., Williams, in vv. Tn, Hm: Halliwell, Dict. in voc. Holme : Lower, Pat. Brit. in voc. Thorpe). And in process time, each of these places has, according to English custom, given name to him in possession of it or to some born there. For a long while the family of LEVINGTHORPE dwelled at LEVINGTHORPE Hall, Yorks (Lower in voc).
Probably from the name LEOFWINE have been formed the surnames LEWIN, LEWN, LEWINS, LEWINSON, LEVINSON, LEVINSON, LEWSON; but some of this might be traced to Lewvi or to Lleellyn.

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