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Title: LETTER FOR A DEAD MAN(Duncan Livingstone)
Posted by: Jewel Brown
Date: 20 December 2008

I found this article on under Stories & Publications.On the 2nd page of the Portsmouth Daily Times for Ohio on March 18, 1912.

A letter addressed to the late Duncan Livingstone who died 2 years ago came Monday to Capt. N.W. Evans. 
It was signed by C.S. Burke of Fairplay Missouri who was a cousin of the dead man.
Mr. Burke had never learned of Mr. Livingstones death, and he wrote him an interesting letter which Capt. Evans returned to him, accompanied by the details of Mr. Livingtones death.
For years the latter was one of the most prominent lawyers in this city.

I thought this might be interesting to share.  I saw a couple of Duncan Livingstones adds in the Portsmouth newspapers for a law firm called Evans & Livingstone. which would explain why the letter was sent to Capt. Evans.
The C.S Burke, cousin of Duncan, is probably Charles Burke who is listed as a child of Hugh & Christine Burke in the 1880 census for Ohio.
Too bad they didn't publish the letter to!!

Cheers Jewel

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LETTER FOR A DEAD MAN(Duncan Livingstone)20 December 2008Jewel Brown
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