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Title: More DNA matches
Posted by: Leonard Livingston
Date: 28 May 2005

I have received information from DNA Family Tree that several Livingstones, including the Chief and Rob, have DNA that matches mine, and that possibly we have a common ancestor. I am curious to see if we do have a common ancestor.

We have been able to trace my Livingston line back to Germany from which the emigrated to AmericaHe settled in the area of Lancaster County, PA, which later became York County. by way of Rotterdam. From the information that I have gathered, I believe the line started in England, then went to Germany where they adapted the name to its German Translation of Liebenstein (German for living stone).The line descended as follows:

    Johann Heinrich Liebenstein and wife Eva  (lived in Germany)
    Johann George Liebenstein (born in 1713 at Durre aus Pfenningischen Plaz, Germany). He came to America at the age of 19.
    Adam Liebenstein (born 16 February 1739) changed his name to Livingston and lived in Pennsylvania and later in an area of Virginia that is now West Virginia.
    Jacob Livingston    (born 1773 in Virginia) relocated to Kingsport and Morristown, TN. Died 1854.
    Andrew Jackson Livingston (1818-1864) moved to Overton County, TN
    Isaac Lafayette Livingston (1862-1917) Overton County, TN
    Harva Reece Livingston (1892-1971) moved from Overton County to Putnam County, TN
    Leonard Eugene Livingston (1930- present) Algood, Putnam County, TN
Do you see any thing here that indicates a common ancestor?

Leonard Livingston
Algood, TN

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