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Title: Helen Livingston?
Posted by: Joseph Van Rensselaer Van Epps Laux
Date: 10 January 2009

My name is Joseph Van Rensselaer Van Epps Laux and I'm having a genealogy issue. I'm looking for information on a female ancestor of mine, a Helen Livingston 1606-1638 she was born and died in Scotland, she married Rev. James Duncanson and had 3 daughters, Catherine Duncanson 1621-1684, her daughter being a lineal descendant of mine. The genealogical information that I need to know concerns Helen Livingstons ancestors, her father was Rev. Henry Livingston. She is listed in the Scottish peerage but I have not been able to find the records on her. Below is some vital information I found on the internet. If you could be of assistance in this matter I would truly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
As can be noted in the lengthy excerpt below the Rev. Henry Livingston being the son of Margaret (Forrester) Livingston is written in the Scots Peerage. 
Mary (Duncanson) (Macfasse) Loockermans (b. c. 1614).
Margaret (Duncanson) Teller (1618-1659/64).
Catherine (Duncanson) Glen (1621-1684) .
The Duncanson sisters' father was the Rev. James Duncanson, MA,
minister of Alloa, Clackmannanshire; their mother was a certain Helen
Livingston; and the Rev. Henry Livingston, MA, was godfather to
Catherine in 1621.
Some notes, perhaps of interest:
James Duncanson was born in about 1564, probably at Stirling,
Stirlingshire, Scotland, died 11 July 1624, presumably at Alloa,
Clackmannanshire. He was married by 1612 to Helen Livingston. The Rev.
James Duncanson graduated form the University of Glasgow in 1585. He was
admitted to the vicarage of Tullibody by James VI in March 1593. The two
parishes were combined in March 1600. Biographical Record 128 (Jan. 1997), p.10>.
Henry Livingston (Duncanson) Glen in 1621>. Master of Arts. Minister of St. Ninian's,
Stirlingshire. Married Agnes Gray, and left issue. Died before 26 August
1624 Fragment of Stirling Protocols, 1513-1596>. This Rev. Henry Livingston
was a son of:
Henry Livingston of (or in) Falkirk. Provost of Stirling in 1553. "He
may have descended through the Livingstons of Middlebinning from Robert
Livingston of Linlithgow, comptroller, executed 22 January 1449/50. This
Robert was probably a son of Henry Livingston of Manerstoun, a kinsman
of the Callendar family, perhaps grandson of Sir John Livingston, killed
at Homildon Hill in 1402." Henry Livingston was alive on 13 August 175
at Stirling. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir James Forrester of
Torwood, "who was perhaps his second wife as his eldest son seems to
have been of age in 1545, while his younger son
is said to have been born in 1563." . Parish
clerk of Falkirk in 1539, when he, as bailie, gave saisine to Robert,
Bishop of Ross, in an annual rent of ten merks; he was elected Provost
of Stirling, at Michaelmas, 1583. On 12 April 1554 he was present in
Parliament. The name of his first wife is unknown. He was apparently
still living on 23 March 1573/4 as a Henry Livingston, 'of the Falkirk'
is included in the remission to William, sixth Lord Livingston in 1581.
He was also included in remission to the same lord and his vassals for
absence from Pinkiecleugh, dated 12 March 1553/4. Callendar (1920), pp. 185-6>.
The Rev. Henry Livingston's great grandmother Forrester was born Agnes
Graham, sister of the 1st Earl of Montrose. The Rev. Henry Livingston's
maternal grandmother was Elizabeth (Erskine) Forrester, sister of John
Erskine, 16th Earl of Mar (say 1490-1555).
Two chief issues need resolution:
1) Exact ID for Helen (Livingston) Duncanson and the Henry Livingston,
godfather to Catherine Duncanson, Helen's daughter.
2) Was the Rev. Henry Livingston in fact the son of Margaret
(Forrester) Livingston? Although the Scots Peerage and other sources
unequivocally state so, more evidence would be all to the good.
It is interesting to note that this particular line of Livingstons is
that of the uniquely peripatetic Earls of Newburgh, the current holder
of which title (the 12th Earl) is better known as Don Filippo, 11th
Prince Rospigliosi and Castiglione, Duca di Zagarolo. You guessed it:
Jacobites in this line of the Livingston family!
May you have the most joyous of New Years!!!!
Joseph Van Rensselaer Van Epps Laux

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