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Title: Forum software
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 14 January 2009

Whatever improvements you all think technically advisable. From my non-technnical perspective keep it simple and easy to use if possible with the standard features that most of the Clan societies are using on their webpages. I think a scenic and dramatic photo of one of Lismore ruins and the famous photo of our late Baron together on the main site page would be both fitting and attractive. Something a little more eye catching than our current design format, encorporating a couple of key photos.  

I agree that we should bring together all that we are doing as a clan providing everyone is happy with that idea. We have talked about that in the past and I think if we can work that out with all the parties involved it will be a better arrangement for the clan and draw more people to our website. Anotherwards, the site will feature, The existing history info by the Baron and Rob, Baptisms, Births, by Rob, Scotland research information collected, Scotlands people and searchable information and directions to sites by David and Kyle, DNA project, Genealogy section with info from my spreadsheet list on Canadian Pioneer Livingstones, genealogy on U.S. Livingston pioneer family state by state with contributions from our U.S genealogy volunteers, a possible expanded Dr. Livingstone section as there are so many people out there interested in the Doctor and their possible connection to him, business of clan,  regular updated messages from CHief, Clan officers, membership fees,merchandising if we go that route etc and of course the forum. I will advocate the genealogical aspect of the site because I think it is great interest to those who come to the forum and it will help to attract potential members to the society. Hope this helps. 



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