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Title: 9c Gold Crest
Posted by: Graham David Livingstone
Date: 24 January 2009

Graham David Livingstone DNA No. kit 118947 of the South East Queensland Australia (SEQA) have in my secure possion  A 9c Gold Crest reported by our grand parents to have been warn by Dr. David Livingstone (Dr. D L) on his kilt at some time a photograph of  the same has been forward to  The Clan McLea/Livingstone  
We the (SEQA) Clan also have in our memorabilia A Dirk worn 
(Dr. D L) by and other collectibles which were  handed down from Generation to generation.
All of these were on display at the last (SEQA) Clan get together and I have not seen them since I know some are in Western Australia and the Dirk is in Buderim in Queensland.
  I will be trying to get a photo of these things in the near future and placing then in the photo archives on the sight for all to see and comment on. 
Graham David Livingstone DNA 67 Markers kit No. 118947

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9c Gold Crest24 January 2009Graham David Livingstone
   9c Gold Crest24 January 2009Kyle MacLea

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