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Title: Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 21 June 2005

In a previous posting, Leonard Livingston discussed his family's tradition that they came to America from Germany with the surname Liebenstein, which they then changed to Livingston because of the similarity of the names meanings - "living-stone".  Leonard's preliminary DNA results show him to be closely allied with the Boggs families of Ireland (people who were supposed to have previously been known by the surname Livingston).  Further testing will show if that genetic similarity holds up.

My own DNA (which at the 12-marker level is not dissimilar to Leonard's) is a fairly good match to a man by the name of "Stein", a 32 of 37-marker match, indicating a 95% chance of a common ancestor sometime in the last 1025 years.  I have to wonder if Stein is simply a shortened version of Liebenstein, which in turn is a German translation of Livingston.  This could be a case where Scottish mercinaries were rewarded with lands in Germany at some point in time and assumed German names.  Does anyone know if such an event might have occured?

Interestingly, I am also seeing similar DNA results with men bearing the name "Rock".  Our 23 of 25 markers matches would suggest a 95% chance of a common ancestor within the last 1150 years.

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Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs21 June 2005Rob Livingston
   Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs23 June 2005Andrew Lancaster
      Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs13 July 2005Robert Alexander Livingstone
         Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs13 July 2005Robert Alexander Livingstone
         Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs13 July 2005David Wyse Livingston
            Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs14 July 2005Robert Alexander Livingstone
               Liebenstein/Livingston/Stein/Rock/Boggs14 July 2005David Wyse Livingston

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