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Title: Cape Breton Obituary for John Livingstone 1807-1900
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 16 February 2009

Hi All, 
From time to time one comes across a fact filled obituary which is a virtual goldmine of information for a family genealogist. Not often, but sometimes. Such would be the case with the 1900 obituary of Roberta and Jewel's ancestor John Livingstone Jr. (1807-1900) son of pioneer Cape Breton settler John Livingstone (1784-1859) and his wife Christy McPhee from Mull who according to the 1838 Nova Scotia census is farming with his eldest son John b.1807 between Elisons Bar and Flagstaff in the vicinity of Low Point and Lingan in present day Victoria County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia not far from the town of Sydney. John Livingstone Jr is listed with his wife Ann and family at Lingan Mines,Victoria County, Cape Breton in the 1871 Nova Scotia Census.

The Casket 
Monday, May 14,1900

There died at his home Victoria Mines, Cape Breton on the Ist day of May 1900 Mr John Livingstone died at the advanced age of 93. He was born June 7,1807 and was married in 1829 to Miss Annie McGillveray. He was father of eleven children, 53 grandchildren, 71 great grandchildren. His father John Livingstone was born on the Isle of Mull and married a Miss McPhee in 1806,came to this country and settled in PEI the same year. 

Although living to such a great age, the deceased was strong and robust until within a short time of his death. He was well and favourably known throughout the county and was particularly esteemed in his own village as a charitable and good living man. D.D.Livingstone late collector of Pilotage,North Sydney, Angus Livingston, Victoria Mines, George Livingstone of Shawnee, Ohio are sons of the deceased. 



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Cape Breton Obituary for John Livingstone 1807-190016 February 2009Donald (Livingstone) Clink
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