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Title: Forum software - Flat or Threaded
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 18 February 2009

Hi Kyle, 

I would like to discuss with Allan and others on how we could make this forum work for everyone.
I am not sure however that subforums are the way to go, if I am understanding correctly. My main concern is that when we had the Aussie/NewZealand forum it was not used all that often. We need more people to come to "the forum" to my way of thinking before we consider any more subforums. I cant realistically see how subdividing it with improve the current situation. What we need is for greater input and participation with the existing forum. We need to draw more people to the web site and to the forum. Participation is the key.Improvements to the website in general may help to attract more people to the site. I have not done a survey but from observation it occurs to me that most people who come to the forum are interested in their Livingstone genealogy. Many of them are Americans with Livingstone kin that settled in Canada and the United States. There has been an effort to work with these folks and their genealogical interests. An Australian/NewZealand sub forum as you know was set up but it unfortunately generated little interest. 

It was mentioned that perhaps Scottish Livingstons are relatively small in number in their native land and not particularly interested in the clan to the extent of North Americans, Aussies and New Zealanders. That may be the case, but I hope that it is not. 

I am disappointed that more Scots have joined Jill and Hamish at the forum. I dont know that sub forums would have changed anything. Ultimately we just arent drawing enough Livingstons to the forum. I dont know how many are visiting the website. 

Look as in the movie "Field of Dreams" if you build it they will come.

As I mentioned in an e-mail sometime back one of the problems is that many of us have different visions of what this clan is about. Different interests, different objectives, different agendas. We need to unite, focus and forge ahead. Above all we need to communicate.



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