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Title: Our Dalriadic DNA
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 07 July 2005

Just a short note to mention that on the DNA-Genealogy Rootsweb List, which can be read by anyone with a normal internet browser, there is some discussion during July about a Scottish cluster of R1b. 

This is very relevent to us, as several Livingstone branches, including our Lismore ones, match the description; and furthermore we had ourselves been discussing the possibility that this is just a common R1b type. This was important with regards to our Liebenstein/Livingstone with regards to the question of how strong the evidence is now that this line is originally Scottish.

It is also worth mentioning that other DNA-genealogists have proposed that Colla (the Irish ancestor of the Dalriadic royal family) may have had a DNA signature of this type.


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Our Dalriadic DNA07 July 2005Andrew Lancaster
   Our Dalriadic DNA07 July 2005Andrew Lancaster
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