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Title: Jas Livingstone
Posted by: Suzanne K Livingstone
Date: 25 July 2005

Hi.  My name is Suzanne Livingstone.  I live in WA state.  My sister and I are researching our ancestry and lineage.  The elder members of our family had previously told us that we are related to Dr David Livingstone and to the Highland Livingstones.  My aunt and uncle had also gone to Edinburgh and see the castle that is I believe 60miles north of the city.

One of my great aunts had done a family tree at one time, however due to her age she isn't able to tell us anything and we don't know what may have happened to the tree she did.  The farthest I can get is the following:  my father is Donald Livingstone (b 1936 d 2002) son of Lorence Livingstone (b 1907 d 1996) son of Jas (James Neil) Livingstone born about 1875 or 1874 in Canada.  His parents were both born in Scotland

Unfortunately I'm not quite sure what province in Canada he was born in or what year his parents immigrated to Cananda and then to the US

If anyone has any suggestions or recognizes the names I have mentioned please let me know.

Thanks, Suzanne K Livingstone

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