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Title: John McDenche Og Glenlea - 1544 Charter of Bachuil
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 07 August 2005

I'd like to point out a probable error in the translation of one of the names on the indorsement of the 1544 Charter of Bachuil.  According to the present translation it states,

"XIX day -of the month of May, in the year of our Lord, One thousand five hundred and forty five, sixth of the Indiction, and of the Pontificate of the most holy father in Christ, our lord Paul Ill., by divine providence, pope, the eighth year, in presence of me, Notary Public and the witnesses underwritten, personally appeared an honourable man "John McDenche Og Glenlea", and preceded to the half of the lands -of Peynabachille and Peynchallen, and there delivered, presented and gave to John McMolmore Vic Kevir, pursuivant, state sasine and possession heritable, of the staff of St. Moloc, by delivery of the said staff and earth, wood and stone in presence of Ewen McIlicHallum, Ve Ewen, John Ger McEyin Glas."

The likely error is with the name "John McDenche Og Glenlea".  It probably should be read as "John McDonche Og McOnlea" (John, son of Duncan McOnlea).  Medeival script is often very difficult to decipher, and other errors have already been found in the document's translation.  For example, "Raoran" should be read as "Raoray", "Ve Ewen" should be read as "VcEwen".  "John Ger McEyin Glas" is quite probably "John Mor McEwin Glas".

Unless "Glenlea" is a description of John McDenche Og's place of residence or his title, then it has to be an error.  And the fact that "McDonche" (MacDhonnchaidh) has been misconstrued as "McDenche" would lead one to believe that the "e" in "Mc-Enlea" is a mis-read as well.

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