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Title: The Late Frank McLeod
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 01 April 2009

I was sorry to learn today from the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society that Livingstone family researcher Frank McLeod passed away about a year ago. Frank was descended from highland Livingstones John Livingstone and Elizabeth Livingstone who settled in Plympton Township, Lambton County, Ontario, Canada in the 1800's. Elizabeth Livingstone was the daughter of Dougald Livingstone of Appin Parish and his wife Margaret McCallum.

Frank had apparently done much research on both the family of Dougal Livingstone as well as the family of Peter Livingston of Port Appin, Argyllshire and his son Angus who also settled in Plympton Township. 

It is my understanding that Frank MacLeod and our late Rob Livingston from the Clan Society were in touch a few years back and Frank contributed some research information regarding these Appin Livingstons to our website.

Belated sympathies go out to his family and we appreciate the assistance he gave to our Maclea Livingstone Clan Society. 

The loss of Rob a few years ago and most recently Frank is unfortunate for the Clan but we will move forward following in their footsteps. It is encouraging to see that there are so many Livingstones out there doing genealogical research sharing their information with the society. Indeed Rob and Frank would be pleased. 


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