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Title: MacDonald DNA project
Posted by: Young Bachuil
Date: 30 August 2005

I am afraid I am having some problems with the press release of February 2004 which stated

“The Clan Donald USA Genetic Project has identified the genetic signature of Colla Uais, father of Dalriada. Clan Donald has historically considered itself as a branch of Clan Colla and as children of Conn. Colla was High King of Ireland who seized Ulster and then took his followers to Scotland around 325AD. Colla’s descendants Fergus, Loarn and Angus (sons of Erc) were the principal foundation lines reestablishing the Scottish kingdom of Dalriada around 465AD. Colla was believed a great great great grandson of Conn of the Hundred Battles, High King of Ireland circa 150AD.”

It seems to me that they are relying on the Gaelic Ms. of 1450, Collectanea De Rebus Albanicis (Iona Club) No. 1,  Genealogies of the Highland Clans

The Genealogy of the ClanDonald.- John son of Alaster son of Donald son of John son of Angus oge son of Angus Mor son of Donald son of Ranald son of Somerled son of Gillebryde son of  Gilleadamnana son of Sella son of Mearshaige son of Swyffine  son of Nialgusa son of Maine son of Godrey son of Fergus son of Erc son of Cartain son of Eochaidh feidlioch son of Colla Uais.

But Somerled and his line have a Viking DNA.

This also shows Fergus mac Erc descending from Colla Uais.

But Rawlinson’s version is: Áengus Teamrach (81st Monarch), father of Fiachu Fermara, father of Ailill Érann, father of Feradach, father of Forgo, father of Maine Mór, father of Arndail, father of Rothrer, father of Trer, father of Ro-Sin, father of Sin, father of Dedad, father of Iar, father of Ailill Anglonnach, father of Éogan, father of Eterscél (95th Monarch), father of Conaire Mór (97th Monarch), father of Cairpre Finn Mór, father of Dáire Dornmór, father of Cairpre Crommchenn, father of Lugaid Allathach, father of Mogh Lamha, father of Conaire, father of Eochaid (Cairpre Riata), father of Fiachra Cathmáil, father of Eochaid Antóit, father of Achir Cirre, father of Finn Fiacc, father of Cruithluithe, father of Senchormac, father of Fedelmid Ruamnach, father of Áengus Buaidnech, father of Fedlimid Aislingthe, father of Áengus Fert, father of Eochaid Muinremar, father of Erc, father of Fergus Mór mac Earca.

Ms 1450 ....................................Rawlinson
Fergus son of ..........................Fergus Mór mac Earca.
son of.............................Erc
Cartain son of.............................Eochaid Muinremar
Eochaidh feidlioch son of................Áengus Fert
Colla Uais..........................Fedlimid Aislingthe

The different versions just don’t tie up - ideas anyone?

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