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Title: Angus Livingston of Wyoming, Lambton County, Ontario
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 19 April 2009

As an update to the information on Angus Livingston son of Peter Livingston shoe maker of Port Appin, Argyllshire and his wife Flora McColl a McTaggart family researcher, Ian McTaggart points out that Angus Livingston is listed in the 1851 Census with his wife Agnes in Ontario at Ekfrid Township, Middlesex County where is finds employment as a shoemaker like his father. In the 1861 Census Angus the shoemaker and Agnes are living in Lobo Township, Middlesex County. This is part of the old Talbot settlement where alot of highland scots settled in the 1800's.

As I previously mentioned in the 1871 Census Angus Livingston and his wife Agnes are by this time living in Plympton Township, Lambton County,Ontario where Ian McTaggart notes Angus died on May 28,1891.



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