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Title: Enquiring
Posted by: Hamish Mcleay
Date: 12 September 2005


Have kept my eye on web for a while.  Live in Banffshire area where family have lived for a number of generations.  Have traced back to Murdoch McLea(no y) who was a shoemaker in the Dingwall area1700s before moving to Keith in Banffshire then next generation on to Whitehills in Banffshire were my family still live.  Interested in site but much of the conversation passes me by.  Any reading advice info for a beginner...stopped at Lismore in the summertime on the way back from Ireland sailing but only had a few hours.  Walked the length of the island and phoned for a taxi back to the boat.  Was collected by a farmers wife in her car named Livingstone who took myself and crew back to her farm for tea and scones but neither her nor her husband were much help information ways with regard to Livingston McLeay.  Visited the church which was superb before sailing back to Port Appin where the hotel was also superb.
    Regards Hamish

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