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Title: Connecting trees - ideas
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 14 September 2005

I just saw Allan's post mentioning Fort William, which struck me because in putting together the Angus/Forfar Livingston family trees which I now have online, I found many outsiders (birthplaces named on death or marriage certificates) including one family from Fort William. It strikes me that my work might help people tracing lines in other parts of Scotland. The trees are currently becoming a mini one name study (Livingstons and similar in Angus in the 18th and 19th centuries), and are on three pages so far:-

I hope these help people. Dundee, the biggest town in the area, was a major textile area, so it attracted people from all over Scotland and Ireland. I suspect for example that a large % of the Livingstons now in Angus/Forfar might actually be descendents of Irish immigrants, as many of the older Livingston families emigrated away to places like Canada.

Best Regards

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