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Title: Maclea->MacPhetie->Livingstone/Livage??
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 15 September 2005

New discovery. New questions.  

As mentioned previously, my particular interest is in the Livingstones of Glamis and nearby, who also used the name Livage or Livitch - a name used only in Angus and Perthshire. Both my family and another one I have found who is more definitely descended from this family felt they were related to Dr Livingstone, who was a "highland Livingstone" or member of the clan Maclea.  

I have mentioned on my webpage that I found evidence in an 18th century account, that some Macleas had recently moved to Perthshire in that time.   This is the Link - That account also mentions that one of these families used the surname MacPhetie, because they had been led there by one Peter or Patrick.  

I was always wondering if this family might have ever used the name Livingstone as well, as many Macleas did. I now found a probate record in Angus: Livingstone, Patrick, alias M'Fetie, in Tullochcoul 07 Jan 1729  

This place is said to be in Angus. I have no idea where it is. Could be near the hill of Tulloch? If so, this is just upland from Glamis.  

The place also seems to appear in indexes with other spelling variants like Tullichoull, Tulliechine.  

Any ideas where this is?  

Regards Andrew 

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Maclea->MacPhetie->Livingstone/Livage??15 September 2005Andrew Lancaster
   Maclea->MacPhetie->Livingstone/Livage??16 September 2005Kyle MacLea

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