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Title: Locating 18th century Livingstone Baptisms and Marriages in Argyllshire
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 23 May 2009

Finding information on your 18th century Scottish ancestor can be both challenging, time consuming and expensive if go the route of a professional genealogist in Scotland. When youve hit a family history research brick wall sometimes the help of a professional researcher is the final option.There are a few things however to know that could make your search alot easier and more enjoyable. 

The Mormon Church (LDS) created a worldwide index of births and marriages on microfiche known as the International Genealogical Index or IGI. The IGI on microfiche is available in many libraries and archives with microfilm readers and the IGI can also be accessed on-line at the LDS site

The LDS has also copied on to microfilm the surviving Scottish parish registers (OPR) and created an index of baptisms, births and marriage information included in these old books. You can order the microfilm reels from the LDS through one of their family history centres that is located in many communities or from Public Libraries that offer a LDS microfilm loan service and have microfilm viewers. By going to the online site you can get the microfilm order number for the microfilm which contains your particular Parish records. If you dont want to see the microfilmed original parish records you can also simply go on line a search the site for information on your ancestor that has been extracted from the old parish books. 

These parish records are essential tools of any Scottish family history researcher but no matter no experienced the researcher may be there is nothing one can do about the fact that many of the parish register books are for whatever reasons incomplete with some 18th century entries missing. Often finding your ancestors baptism or marriage record in the old parish books is more about luck than anything else. 

A search of the catalogue of the LDS will give you order number information on the microfilmed parish register you are looking for and it also lists the earliest date of the baptisms and marriages included in the collection on microfilm. As I mentioned some parish records are missing prior to late 1700's or early 1800's, so you check that out first if you going to order the microfilm for loan. The LDS family history centre or your local library if they offer this service will have the forms to fill out to order the microfilm. 

Donald (Livingstone) Clink

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