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Title: Old Parish Registers-Scots Origins
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 26 May 2009

Hi Jewel, 

I have found John to be a popular first name for Livingstons in Argyll in the 1700's and 1800's. In Ballachulish there were several generations of John McLeas and in the 1700's and early 1800's there was a Baron John Livingston which might have inspired others in Western Argyll to name to one of their son John. There is also some religious significance to the name John. 

I recently ordered the kilninian and Kilmore Parish records from Mull along with a couple of other Argyll parishes and looked for your John Livingston but came up empty sorry to say. I would not however rule out John originating from Mull just because we cant seem to find his baptismal record in the old parish books in the Mull area. 

Two clues at least suggest a strong possibility he was from Mull. The first one is the fact that his departure point was Tobermory in Mull, secondly the information Roberta found that he named his property in Cape Breton "Staffa". Staffa is the name of scenic island in Kilninian and Kilmore Parish and also was the name of a schooner that operated out of Tobermory I believe in the early 1800's. My ancestor Miles Livingston travelled aboard the "Staffa" with a party of McLean settlers who boarded this schooner at Tobermory and who originated from Northern Mull. So it would seem highly appropriate for your ancestor John Livingson to name his new home in Cape Breton after the scenic Island Staffa particulary if he had some connection to Mull and the area near Staffa in particular. On the other hand if he originated from some lowland county I suspect he would be less inclined to name his property after some local scenic island popular with Mull folks. Perhaps something of scenery at Low Point reminded John of Staffa. It is not likely that he lived at Staffa as my understanding is that it was largely uninhabited. Nevertheless the fact that people from Mull named a ship after the island of Staffa it would seem reasonable that a Mull colonist who settled in Cape Breton might be inclinded to name new home after this island of scenic beauty which even inspired the composer Mendelsohn to write a piece of music in the 19th century. 



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