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Title: Recieved a Pedigree for Dr. Livingstone from a Australian relative
Posted by: David Wyse Livingston
Date: 15 June 2009

Hello Everyone,

Not sure if I should have posted this is the main forum but since the sender is from Australia I thought I would place it here. :)

Warm Regards,
David Wyse Livingston

--original message--

I have in my possession a pedigree, entitled Lineage of Dr David Livingstone – nephew of my great-great gramdmother Mary Livingstone.  This was prepared by Jean Comeau (nee McColl) from Canada, who had spent a long time researching her ancestry.  It contains some known errors (including the title, because he was a cousin rather than a nephew), but will try and summarise:

At the head is Ninth John of the Appin Livingstons died at Culloden in 1746 leaving 5 sons – Eoghan Ban (Duncan) < or should this be Ewen?>; Niall Mor (Neil) b 1727; Domhnuil (Donald) b 1728; John; and Angus (b approx 1744).  Various descendants are given for Eoghan.

On the pedigree Niall Mor is given as the one who married Mary Morrison and as born 1727.  1727 doesn’t sound right and I think the other pedigrees of David Livingstone that are around suggest that his grandfather Niel was born about the time Neil’s father died at Culloden – this would be more plausible if he was an able bodies man leaving Ulva in 1792 to seek work in the lowlands.  Otherwise the names and dates seem to be right, down to David Livingstone.

Niall Mor and his brother Domhnuil are noted as the two who took down the bones of James of the Glen, although I am not sure this would be the right generation  – would have thought it would have been the previous generation (see my comments in previous paragraph).

Angus, born approx 1744 son of John, is shown as marrying Margaret McInnes and dieing 18 September 1819  (this is a very precise date, but not sure where it came from).  Angus is shown as the father of Mary Livingston (c1763-1834), who was indeed the great-great grandmother of Jean Comeau who prepared the pedigree (and my GGGGG-grandmother).  It also has some descendants of Mary Livingstone’s sister Janet.


Peter Gibson
Queanbeyan Australia

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