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Title: Jared Weber, please read
Posted by: Edith Matheson
Date: 21 June 2009


I hope that  you will stop by to see what is going on here, and see your name before it disappears onto the next page.

I finally found your family tree on I was using someone else’s computer and subscription, so I did not spend much time, and may not have seen all of it. I noticed  that, of Hugh Matheson’s ten brothers and sisters (plus one more half-sister, daughter of Angus and his second wife) you mention only my grandfather, John, and Catherine. I am curious how you knew Catherine’s name. We have no stories of her, just a note that she was born in 1845 and died about 1878; I have no documentation to prove that.

Every census says Huberta was born in South Dakota. That is only four censuses, but they are consistent about that. A database of South Dakota births over 100 years old says Huberta Matheson was born March 22, 1907, in Brown County. That is in northeastern  South Dakota, the county Aberdeen is in. 

I found a picture of Delbert and Anna’s gravestone in Cedar Lawn Cemetery in Council Bluffs on, but it is hard to read. I thought it said she died in 1933, but you say 1953, so I have made that change in my records. I also cannot read her birth date. It could be 1883 or 1885, and by the censuses after her marriage, it could have been either, so if you have seen that stone, I would like to know what it says. She was probably born near Iowa City; it is in Johnson County. 

The 1925 state census says Anna’s parents were Fred Holubar and Frances Kuitza. Fred (1848-1924) and Frances (1852-1925) were buried in the Czech National aka Bohemian Cemetery in Cedar Rapids, Linn County, Iowa. They were in Council Bluffs in 1915 and 1920, but some of their children might have been living in Linn County, and they might have lived there earlier in their lives. They moved around a lot.

Please contact me at edith97062 at Put that in the correct form, of course. Other forums go ahead and give email address, but the usual practice here is to hide them from web crawlers.

Hoping to hear from you soon, and with thanks - 


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