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Title: Livingstone Duslea
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 24 June 2009

Hi Roberta, 

I forgot about him. Way back when I saw that name in the Mull 1779 List. Very interesting name since Duslea or Dunslea is the spelling of name before McLea and Maconlea and of course before Livingstone or Livingston. There were a lot of variations in the 1600's Dunsleeve,Dunslee Dunslea probably even Duslea. Uniform spelling did not seem to be a priority among our people and I suppose it mattered not all that much since many people were probably able to read or write in the 1500's or 1600's. Even earlier than that Dunslee was Dunsliebhe or McDhunsliebe. By the 18th century Dunslea had pretty much been dropped for Maconlea or McLea. A interesting causality list prepared for Bonnie Prince Charlie by Capt Charles Stewart of the Appin Regiment circa 1746 records a list of clans in the Appin Regiment which suffered casualites and our clan is recorded for Bonnie Prince Charlie as Mclea.

Quite likely Duslea Livingstone was Duslea or Dunslea Maclea or Macolea when he was born in 1709. His name Duslea Livingstone is itself to me a curious bridge between our ancient clan roots and our tranformation in the later 1700's to highland Clan Livingstone. 

I have also pointed out that our clan must of had a strong and unified clan structure in Western Argyll and that was still strong in the years following the defeat of our Bonnie Prince Charlie by the Duke of Cumberland in 1746. The fact that almost all highland McLeas/Maconleas changed their name to Livingstone/Livingston by the late 1750's or late 1760's suggests that the Chief/Baron at the time on the Isle of Lismore was in firm control of his people and had a united and well organized clan heirarchy to carry out his instructions and orders regarding the name change. 

I am curious about the Mull Livingstouns from 1719 and it is a curious thing that these Mull residents in the early 1700's are recorded as Livingstons. While some lowland Livingstons may have settled in the south on the Island of Islay in the 1500's or 1600's I am puzzled who these Livingstons were or if infact some highland Macleas were using the name Livingstons before 1700 as some have suggested. 



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