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Title: McNichols of Port Appin and Island of Lismore
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 06 July 2009

Regarding the Angus McNichol smith mentioned in Peter Livingston of Port Appin's death record, I have verified from the 1841 Scottish census that he was born abt. 1811, was a resident of Port Appin and that his occupation was Smith not his last name. He is in every sense of the word of the McNichol family. In 1841 he is only McNichol residing at Appin but there were 12 McNichols residing on the neighbouring Isle of Lismore in 1841 at two villages: Kielchiran and Balgarve where a Duncan Livingstone born abt. 1811 was also a smith by trade.

I would assume that Angus McNichol born abt. 1811 was Peter Livingstone's first cousin related to him on Peter's mother's side of the family. Peter's mother was Catharine McNicol who we believe originated as did her husband Duncan Livingston from the Island of Lismore before they went to Port Appin in the later 1790's.

The cemetery stones at the Appin Cemetery tell us a bit more about this McNichol family. The father of Angus McNicol and probably Catharine McNichol (Mrs Duncan Livingstone) was Donald McNichol a smith by trade who died at Lismore February 6th 1837 at the age of 65 years. Donald's wife was Mary McClashan or McGlashan  who died at Port Appin January 2, 1853 at 80 years. 

So this explains the smith.

As there are very few McNichols in 1841 at Lismore and only two at neighbouring Port Appin I think it safe to conclude this family is all related to the Angus McNichol smith by trade of Port Appin who apparently buried Peter Livingston formerly of Port Appin and at the time of death residing and nearby village of Tynribbie a few miles east of Port Appin. 

Donald and Mary McNichol are almost certainly in my oppinion the parents of Catharine McNicol (Mrs. Duncan Livingston) born perhaps in the 1770's or 1760's and the mother of Peter Livingston shoemaker of Port Appin (1796-1856).



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