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Title: Livingstone Marriages 1722 - 1766
Posted by: Donald (Livingstone) Clink
Date: 11 July 2009

HI Roberta, 

Iam trying to type on my laptop while my cat is trying to bite my wrist. A very difficult process. 

The Kildalton Parish, Isle of Islay records from the early 1700's with Livingstons is interesting. It is likely a Livingston family group from the old Lowland family whose ancestors were part of a lowland group of families that settled on the Isle of Islay perhaps in the 1600's. It is probably unlikely that these were MacLea tenants adopting the name Livingston at this early stage while the rest of the Clan still by and large went by the name Maclea or Maconlea. But I always find it interesting whenever I see these early Livingston  Kildalton records.



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Livingstone Marriages 1722 - 176610 July 2009Roberta Ann Livingstone
   Livingstone Marriages 1722 - 176611 July 2009Donald (Livingstone) Clink

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