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Title: The Boggs-Livingston Mystery Solved!
Posted by: Andrew Lancaster
Date: 30 September 2005

Hi Everyone

I have a disposition which makes me often seem a horrible sceptic when I write. But I should point out that I think Rob's theory could have something in it. It is just that I like to go through every hypothesis with counter arguments. So keep my style in context. I am taking this seriously and trying to set out some more food for thought.

I am not an expert on the Boggs/Livingston debates, but I think this is a reminder that I shoulder learn more about them. What I understood before this post was via Rob:
a. That the many Boggs families have stories of an old link to Livingstons.
b. That this link was that they used to be Livingstons, but they changed name in Ireland.

The hypothesis of Rob seems to start from the assumption that (a) is more likely to be true than (b) which is more specific. I would question that. A *specific* story which stays in the story must have an explanation. A vague story can have almost any origin, by definition. In my Livingstone family it is said we are related to Dr Livingstone. Such a specific story can certainly be wrong, but to show whether it is, you constantly have to consider what could have created this story. In our case it is easy. The family may simply have felt they were kin, and may have expressed this to their Australian children. But how do you explain such a specific story as having changed name from Livingston to Boggs in Ireland.

I had a quick look around on the internet. While I found that some Boggs genealogists are sceptical about a Livingston link, there are also some who even think a paper trail back to the original Livingston who changed name can be traced. He is said to have been in Derry in the 17th century. I have no idea how this conclusion was arrived at but it certainly seems to make more ancient connections less necessary in order to explain the family story.

I am convinced that Rob's placename studies are worthwhile in trying to find links between different Livingston and Maclea groups, but in this case where our starting point is a family story that still exists, it seems hard to imagine that placename studies will correspond to what we are looking for. Family stories passed on verbally generally only go back a few hundred years at the most. For example I consider it possible that my Livingstones even knew that they were highland Livingstones, though they had been in Angus (it seems) for many generations. But the way I understand Rob's theory, the Boggs would not have been Livingstons for a much longer time?

The name Boggs for estates strikes me as common. I have Norton ancestors from Co Offaly who lived on a part of an estate referred to as Boggs in records. In Gaelic, I understand that all Kin names refer to bogs?


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