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Title: DNA testing suggestion
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 13 April 2004

Dear McLea/Livingstone friends and family,

I'd like to just drop a quick note and a little suggestion.  I did the ftDNA testing and got some very interesting results.  Long story short, my matches within MacLea/Livingstone are actually not as strong as my match with a number of Irish of McCain extraction.  In the course of this it has lead to some interesting discussions about origins, about Irish McLeas and the somewhat free movement back and forth between Ireland and Scotland and the changing of names over time.  I'm not sure where any of this is leading, but if any of you have gotten tested, I would encourage you to match outside the surname project as well.  You might find some very strong matches outside, indeed stronger than inside, and perhaps this might lead to some interesting genealogical and/or historical discoveries that might be very enlightening to us all.  It would also be very useful to me to find any matches within the surname that also match with the McCains or others.  But I digress!

I hope this note finds all you friends and family well--

Email me if you have any questions -- ksm6 at cornell dot edu


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