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Title: Cnoc Aingeil
Posted by: Don C. Livingston
Date: 18 April 2004

The story of Cnoc Aingeil is very interesting Rob.  I believe that this can also be related to a document that I came across some time ago, in reference to the Lowland Livingston family, "keeping the Beltane fires burning despite the local ministers."  Apparently, this was a purification rite where fires were lit and people would walk between them, along with their cattle, to bring purification as well as good luck for the upcoming year. It is also said that some would jump over the smaller fires leading some to believe that this celebration could be the origin of the poem, Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, etc.   It would seem that this "fire burning" of the highlanders, and this continued practice of "Beltane fire" by the lowlands in their areas of power could suggest yet another circumstantial "link" between the two.  Possible?

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Cnoc Aingeil18 April 2004Don C. Livingston
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