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Title: DNA relationship to Livingstones of Lismore
Posted by: Dale J. J. Leppard
Date: 06 November 2005

Greetings All,
I am researching an ancestor names John Lipper/Leber (Leiper?) of colonial Pennsylvania. He married a German woman so my family assumed he was "PA Dutch" until we took a DNA test. Our matches are to Irish, Scottish, and English families. We are very close to the Colla haplotype developed by Mark MacDonald. Our closest matches are to the Livingstones of Lismore and the Livingston modal haplotype on YSEARCH. I used the "mymcgee" software and comparing the Livingstone and Lipper modals it shows an amazing 95% probability of a common ancestor born within the last 1025 years. We show about a 1500 year distance from the Clan Irwin modal as a side note.
So now I am wondering just how we fit together with your Clan. The name variations intrigue me. I noticed Levy and Levin listed as variants of your Clan surname. I wonder if Lever or Lebhar or Leifir or something like that might also appear anywhere in your historical record? 
In any case, I would be grateful for any help and I would also like to know what the membership restrictions are for Clan Livingstone/MacLea? Would me family qualify by virtue of their DNA relationship or would we have had to carry the surname as well? Thanks in advance and I appreciate your input. 
Dale J. J. Leppard        

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DNA relationship to Livingstones of Lismore06 November 2005Dale J. J. Leppard
   DNA relationship to Livingstones of Lismore07 November 2005Andrew Lancaster

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