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Title: Pronunciation and Meaning of McLea
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 07 November 2005

I saw Grant South's recent message on the pronunciation of the McLea name and where it might have originated (in response to a message of Rob's ( ) buried deep in a thread.

I thought I would point out a little additional information I have located in terms of Mack-LEE vs Mack-LAY in my own family.

My family has always used "Mack-LEE" (or even more, the sloppy "Mick-LEE" or even "Muck-LEE" or "Mu-KLEE").  But it always maintained the LEE portion.

Through working my way up the family tree and contacting other descendants with the surname intact, I have determined that others in my family have uniformly preserved this pronunciation.  My Great-Great Grandfather, James Brown McLEA, was the immigrant who came to the USA.   Two of his sons, my ancestor Peter MacLEA and his brother Alexander McLEA, and their descendants, have always used LEE as a pronunciation, even when they altered the Mac/Mc spelling.

I have recently located an additional generation as well.

James Brown McLEA's older brother John McLEA stayed in Scotland.  But his descendants eventually came to the US independently and didn't know about James' descendants (until now!).

They, however, also preserve the LEE pronunciation.

For awhile, I had been wondering if that pronunciation originated only in the New World, and that LAY might have been its pronunciation in Scotland.  However, this evidence would seem to suggest against that by Occam's Razor.  Further generations will hopefully back this up though.

But, for the record, I haven't had anyone else out there tell me that their McLEA/MacLEA family uses the LEE pronunciation.  If there are any out there, please get in touch!  I would also be VERY interested in DNA results if not already tested!


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