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Title: Google Print
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 09 November 2005

I would highly recommend that readers of the forum head over to Google Print (in Beta release): 

This service is the digitizing service where books at the 'great libraries' have been scanned and run through character recognition software to be allow people to search the text of whole books.

I found some interesting references to McLea, McLae, Bachuil, Livingstone, Dunsleibhe, etc., this way.  The work is ongoing so, it may be beneficial to pop in now and then and search.  The top hits seem pretty good.  The dregs at the bottom often involve creative mis-reads by the character recognition software (e.g., "MacLeas" mistaken for "Maries" in a book on Mary Queen of Scots).

But this service might allow us to unearth sources and genealogies we are unaware of.  And since I am no skilled person in this, I thought I'd share if with all of you who might be and can analyze the sources and see if they are worth pursuing!

It provides links to used book shops where you can buy the books, or bibliographic info you can look up at your library!  Seems like a great service overall.

Hope this is helpful to some of you!

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