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Title: Bachall vs Buachaille & DNA
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 15 November 2005

As I was searching through the Sorenson DNA Database, I came across a 25 of 28 match (pretty close!) between our Clan chief (Alastair Livingston of Bachuil) and an Englishman named "Herdsman".  This sent off alarms for me because a "herdsman" or "shepard" in Gaelic is "buachaille" - a word that could easily be mistaken with "bachaill" (a shepherd's staff).  This guy is obviously descended from the Lismore family of the "Keepers of the Bachuil of St. Moluag" - an exciting little discovery that goes to show just what kind of doors are opened by using DNA as a research tool!

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