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Title: MacLea Clan Crest
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 01 December 2005

I wonder if it wouldn't be possible to place a high-quality photo file of the MacLea clan crest on our clan website that could easily be downloaded for use by our members.  I've had several request over the years for something like this, and I've always tried to steer them clear of using the Livingstone Achievement (Arms).  The trouble is, the resolution of the crest as you have it at the top of this page is pretty low and is not of much use if you are trying to replicate it for printing purposes (for something like a tee-shirt).  Any ideas?

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Title:Date:Posted By:
MacLea Clan Crest01 December 2005Rob Livingston
   MacLea Clan Crest03 December 2005Young Bachuil
      MacLea Clan Crest03 December 2005Rob Livingston
         MacLea Clan Crest04 December 2005Young Bachuil
      MacLea Clan Crest03 December 2005Andrew Lancaster
         MacLea Clan Crest04 December 2005Young Bachuil

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