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Title: The Highland Clearances
Posted by: Heather Livingston Willis
Date: 12 December 2005

I have been reading about the Highland Clearances as a possible reason for the emigration of my GGGGF James Livingston to Nova Scotia sometime between 1838 and 1845.  I have discovered information on this website:  This site states that the clearances covered the time period from 1785 to 1850.  The site seems to be very comprehensive, and I have barely touched the surface.  One thing I noticed on this site that may be of interest to someone on the forum is under Articles, and then Cape Fear, North Carolina, there is a notation of a ship called Jupiter of Larne that sailed in 1775 to Wilmington, NC with emigrants from Glenorchy, Lismore and Appin in Argyll.  

I would also like to ask the forum for any information and opinions you may have about the Highland Clearances and how this ongoing event affected the Livingstones and MacLeas.  Does anyone have any stories of their ancestors who emigrated due to the clearances?  Was it common for highlanders to emigrate first to some of the lowland cities, such as Glasgow, before emigrating out of Scotland?  I thought this would be an interesting topic.

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The Highland Clearances12 December 2005Heather Livingston Willis
   The Highland Clearances12 December 2005Kyle MacLea

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