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Title: Dr David Livingstone
Posted by: Jane Livingstone
Date: 16 December 2005

I have been reading with interest the listings about Dr Livingstone. Our family always said we were related to him, but I have discovered since reading the listings that the document I have from my great uncle about Dr Livingstone's origins actually quotes from Ian Carmichael's work so I can no longer take that as definitive. Nevertheless, I have been re-reading some letters sent by my great uncle Duncan to his brother, Neil, in the early to mid 1900s. He mentions again that David was descended from a son of the baron of Bachuil who went to Ulva and married Catherine Livingstone, daughter of the farmer in Kerrara. He says that Catherine's father was of the Achnacree family. My uncle says that he got information from the Duke of Argyll that we are related to Catherine's uncle who settled in Mull after Culloden and whose son is my relative who married a sister (I have it written elsewhere it was a daughter - could be a transcription error somewhere) of the young Laird of Coll (the one who befriended Johnson and Boswell).

I don't know where Argyll was getting this information though, so have no way to verify it.

My brother is 21629 in the DNA project. Our DNA would not be the same as Dr Livingstone's because if there is a relationship, it was one of marriage. However, would there be a DNA link to the Livingstones of Achnacree?

Also of interest in this letter is a mention of a Robert Livingstone who was enquiring about his origins (made me think of Rob). Duncan says "And now you can give Robert Livingstone the real history of his name and call him 'a shiol Chuinn cheud-chathach'". I hope this isn't swearing because I have no gaelic, but it would be interesting to know who this Robert was.

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