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Title: McLea family in Glasgow
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 19 December 2005

Dear McLea/Livingstone Forum,

Though I haven't yet found any descendants of my McLea/MacLea family still remaining in Scotland, I thought I would send out an end-of-year message with just that aim!

I am looking for descendants (inside or outside of Scotland) who can trace their ancestry to a McLea family in Glasgow in the 1800s.  The name was also spelled McLae and MacLea in those records, though McLea was the usual choice.  (We even had one rogue "McLean" on a census return.)

This family in Glasgow is the descendants of John McLea, Master Blacksmith, who lived approximately 1790-1830s (the dates are mostly conjecture).  His children were Duncan, Peter, Margaret, and Jessie (Janet).  My family descends from Peter, and I have found other descendants of a different branch of Peter's family also in the US.  I have not yet, however, found any living descendants of Duncan with the McLea surname, nor any other descendants through Margaret (who married a Wilkinson).

Duncan was an upholsterer.  Peter followed his father (and maternal grandfather) as a Master Blacksmith.  There are other upholsterers among both Duncan and Peter's descendants, though no sign of other blacksmiths.


If you think you might be related to this family, I would LOVE to hear from you.  Please get in touch any time.  My email is ksm6 -at- cornell -dot- edu (replacing the -at- and -dot- with the correct characters).  If you have any additional history, pictures, etc., on this family, your information could be critical for helping us to piece together the family history.  In addition, it would be wonderful to meet other relatives, if they be still in the 'mother country' or off in the diaspora like the rest of us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!  I am happy to share my research and also to discuss the DNA project, which is helping to give us further information on our 'deep' ancestry.  As a side note, I believe our McLea family may have originated on Bute.  So, if there any McLea families out there who originated in Rothesay or its environs, I'd love to hear from you too!


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