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Title: Scottish Regiments
Posted by: Jason Livingstone
Date: 30 December 2005

Can anyone give me direction as to which regiments the Highland (Lismore) Livingstones would have been more likely to have enlisted into? What if any were the military affiliations and also which regiments would they NOT have enlisted due to clan emnity? Any direction advice or knowledge would be useful as I am floundering a little (a lot actually). Some of my older family remember tales of GF's at the turn of the century prior to WWI around the Boer and Gallipolli campaigns having died in battles but not knowing their first names and regiment makes it difficult to establish reality of names, then confirm with parish records etc. I thought I might be able to get names from the regiment records, and looking at the best guess regiments would make that task easier!! Needle in haystack? Also I am trying to trace one paternal link who served as a lighthouse keeper firstly in Scotland then off Ireland and lastly off St Davids in S Wales. His brother Capt. Livingstone was suppossed to have gone down with his ship at Gallipolli. Anyone heard this in their family tracings? But already a lot of family "lore" seems to have no substance. And yes so the story goes we are related to the dear Dr.! My Dad certainly looks like him so I'd love to beleive it! Anyway anyone who can give advice or guidance I'd sure be obliged. The best to all of you.

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