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Title: Possible Connection to Clan MacLea
Posted by: Linda Manning
Date: 26 May 2004

My name is Linda Manning and I may have a connection to Clan MacLea. I have corresponded briefly with Robert Livingston regarding his research on the relationship between the surnames Lay, Lee, MacLea and Livingston.  Our Lay family line is descended from William Marion Lay, an American revolutionary war veteran, who was born in France about 1760.  My great-uncle, Jewel Gilbert Lay, spent his life collecting information about the Lay families in America.  Sometime circa 1960, he had his life's work privately published as a 776 page paperback book entitled Lay Family Genealogy.  I have a copy of that book.

Presently, my aunt and I are trying to interest several direct male descendents of our Lay family line to participate in the DNA project.  I would be pleased to hear from other "Lays" who are interested in our heritage.

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