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Title: Evidence of McLea --> Lea?
Posted by: Kyle MacLea
Date: 04 January 2006

Hey forum readers!

I'm catching up on email and may not be able to finish going through genealogy stuff (DNA or otherwise) for a few days but I wondered about this and thought I'd post.

I was watching a little TV last night and noticed someone listed on a show I was watching with the last name of "Lea."

I wondered if there has ever been any evidence of a McLea type name mutating into Lea?  If so, might there be some out there with the name Lea who are in fact Scottish and relatives?

Now, a preliminary Google search points out that Lea can apparently be an alternative spelling for Lee, which is certainly a common enough English name.  Also, it points out that the name could be derived from Dutch as well.  But a few searches did show people emigrating from Scotland with the name Lea.  Whether they might have come from England or Holland originally isn't clear, but it does make me wonder...

Actually, I recall at least one record in an old Rothesay parish register with a bunch of McLeas, MacLeas, and McOnLeas who may in fact be my relatives, where the name was written as "Lea" in the margin, but records as McLea in the entry.  So this does seem plausible, certainly...

Just more food for thought!

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Evidence of McLea --> Lea?04 January 2006Kyle MacLea
   Evidence of McLea --> Lea?05 January 2006Andrew Lancaster

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