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Title: Clan Kith & Kin
Posted by: Grant South
Date: 19 January 2006

Dear Kinsfolk,

I believe we have some new folk who have recently joined us, and those who have been members for a while now who may be interested in clan customs. 

It has been observed that every Highlander was/is a genealogist, and it is no surprise that we find so many folk interested in their ancestor's. 

It was the custom that children would gather around the hearth and listen to the genealogy of their ancestor's in Gaelic. Often these recitations were about eight generations in length. Accordingly all could recall their family line beyond living history.

It was the role of the genealogist to remember the exploits of all the clan and recall this familial memory at important occasions.

Further the genealogist ensured, through teaching, that families maintained the memory of their ancestors and that it was correctly understood.
This is considered to be an important aspect of ones Highland heritage.

This was and is today an important aspect of our clan heritage. 

There are still families in Cape Breton who have maintain the Gaelic oral traditions of their genealogy, as there are those in the Hebrides.

Often a family genealogist finds themselves as the custodian of their family history for others members of the family who often ask questions regarding origins.

The practice of committing ones descent from the clan adds a further cultural component to our genealogical studies.

Any way I thought I would post on this thinking you may also be interested in this aspect of our heritage.

All the best!

Grant South.

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