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Title: The MacLeas of Loch Rannoch
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 20 January 2006

I ran across a few snippets of information that may be useful to somebody researching this history of the MacLeas.  In a discussion of "The Red Book" of Clan Donnachaidh (the Robertsons of Strowan), there is mention that their ancestor, Duncan, "...banished from the north side of Loch Rannoch a tribe called ‘Clan Ian Lea’, and is said to have planted that district with MacGregors. The story of the Mac Leas is confirmed by some Rhymes handed down by tradition."
  This Duncan apparently lived from about 1280 to 1360 and he is considered the founder of Clan Donnachaidh, later known by the surname Robertson. I haven't the time to research this further, but maybe somebody else might like to pick up on it if it strikes a chord?

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The MacLeas of Loch Rannoch20 January 2006Rob Livingston
   The MacLeas of Loch Rannoch20 January 2006Andrew Lancaster

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