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Title: Livingstone McPhail marriages: Island of Luing: more info
Posted by: Keith Livingstone Australia
Date: 25 January 2006

I'm chasing up the Livingstone/McPhail connection and the only GRO record of an Angus Livingston/e marrying a McPhail in the time-frame that relates to earlier postings is a Jan 22nd 1802 marriage in the Parish of Kilbrandon & Kilchattan.Angus Livingson marrried Ann McPhail. At the end of the hand-written line was the word "Colipol".

So I've found a "Cullipool", on the island of Luing, between Oban and Jura. 

Luing has a church of Kilchattan that was first recorded in use in 1589. I found evidence that families of Livingstones and McPhails were tenant farmers on Luing in 1834 on this website:

This tiny island could be worth investigating. Perhaps the young Bachuill knows more about this parish?

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