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Title: St. Cuthbert Machlivini
Posted by: Rob Livingston
Date: 25 January 2006

While doing a little DNA research of the surname McMunn (a 12/12 match with the Lismore Livingstones), I came across a reference to a certain Cuthbert Makelemwyn (MacGilleMhuinn) rendered homage in 1296, and whose seal bore the a mullet (fish) and the words S' Cudb' Machlivini (St. Cuthbert son of Livin).  St Cuthbert's origins are unknown, but he was bishop of Lindisfarne and died about 635 AD.  No biographies I have encountered (including Bede's "Life of St. Cuthbert) have ever suggested that his father was named "Livini", so I found this pretty interesting. The presence of the mullet on this seal is also interesting given that it is found in West Highland Heraldry.

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St. Cuthbert Machlivini25 January 2006Rob Livingston
   St. Cuthbert Machlivini28 January 2006Andrew Lancaster
   St. Cuthbert Machlivini28 January 2006Chris

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